Giving You Peace of Mind

female caregiver hugging senior woman in a wheelchair

Halla Home Health Care is licensed by the state of Virginia as a home health care agency. We proudly serve our clients in the Northern Virginia Area as we provide compassionate and dependable home care. We are driven by our vision to deliver the utmost efficiency in home care modalities and care techniques that can be individualized for each client that we take care of.

We work towards prompt recovery. When you or your loved one has recently been released from the hospital, you need time to adjust to your home environment. For others who are seniors, adjusting to old age challenges alone can be quite difficult too. Whatever the situation is for you, Halla Home Health Care seeks ways to provide you with the assistance and level of support that you need at home. This is why families in the Northern Virginia area choose home care as the avenue for their loved one to receive home care and health services. With the appropriate care services available readily in your home, you can avoid re-hospitalization, complicating health issues, and other problems that may be associated with your current health situation.

Halla Home Health Care gives clients the chance to fully enjoy the comforts and familiarity of their own homes. Services are delivered with the highest respect for elders and their family members. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the quality of life and level independence for every patient receiving our services by providing highly personalized and loving home care tailored to suit the needs of the patients at the comfort of their home.