Giving You Peace of Mind

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Halla Home Health Care is a company that has been the top provider of professional home health care services in Northern Virginia. We are a company that is only aimed at providing the type of service that will satisfy our clients. When we fulfill our responsibilities in home care with your family, the fulfillment that we achieve is worth it.
We are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of our clients. We want them to feel comfortable with us. We want to make sure that our services will have an impact on the individual, more so to the community. After all, we have taken it as our responsibility to take care of your health and make you live comfortably in a peaceful environment.

It is also our principle to educate our clients in the proper care of one’s health. Aside from taking care of our patients, Halla Home Health Care also aims to educate their loved ones on how to properly give them care.

Aside from our services, our staff is a group of capable people. They were meticulously screened so that we can pick the right people who will work with us. Halla Home Health Care picks only those who are the cream of the crop in the home care industry. We make sure that we only choose those people who adhere to our principles of giving care.

Know more about us and our services. Learn about our team of care professionals. We are confident that you will be satisfied with what you will know.